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Athleisure wear is the branch of clothing that we commonly know as active wear or the clothes that are worn for the workout. But you know what now you can carry your love for Athleisure wear to your casual days, shopping days, gym (of course) or even to a casual date.

More than ever our busy and hectic lives demand comfortable and practical clothes. Of course, giving up on the style is simply not an option, the solution is to combine the fashion with comfort. And it is so easy, you can do this with trending athleisure wear. As it is now burning the lines between the clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you’d wear to lunch.

So whether you are hitting the dance class or walking on the streets, your outfit can now do it all. You no need to lug around all day with your clothes or suffer in heels.

Sports bra under boyfriend’s T-shirt

You can raise the heat while working with wearing your sports bra under off-shoulder boyfriend’s t-shirt and most comfortable black yoga pants. Don’t forget to carry accessories, you can wear a hat that of course protect you from sunlight.

Time For A Walk

Street walks are great, and it can be best if you are in your most comfortable yet fashionable outfit, and that can be- a sports neon jacket, over a black basic t-shirt and cycle shorts. Even you can wear your trending bike shorts (as they are back straight away from ‘90s fashion now).
Shopping In Athleisure Wear

Imagine, how about shopping in your cool Athleisure. Yes, it is possible now to use them even outside of gym and yoga classes. Get your sports t-shirt on over your long slit skirt. And the game is on…go shop!

Time To Catch The Flight

How we can leave the airport look, as it is the most favorite place for celebrities to showcase their ‘Airport fashion’. But now no more jeans, suits or kurties, instead this time wear your coolest outfit- crop top and tracksuit, with super comfortable sneakers.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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