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The corporate world can be seen gradually evolving and so are the priorities of professionals involved in it. If we go by the findings of a Global Millennial Survey done by Deloitte, the office people are more interested in traveling the world rather than starting a family, becoming wealthier or even buying one’s own home. Here are some of the interesting facts that the study found.

The researchers studied 13,416 Millennials (born between 1983 to 1994) from 42 countries and 3,009 Gen Z respondents (born between 1994 to 2002) from across ten countries. This research was done for the time span of eight years and it somehow concluded that both the generations have similar ambitions and priorities in life.

While 57 percent of participants from both the generations found a knack towards traveling the world and voted it as their top priority in life, 52 percent of millennials and 56 percent of Gen Z wanted to earn a high salary. Other ambitions included buying a house of ones own, making a positive impact on community and having children or starting families was on the fifth position of this list.
Going by the statistics, about 49 percent of the millennials would want to quit their job within the next two years if they had a choice. As a matter of fact, even less than three in ten millennials plan to stay in their present job for the next five years.

The main reasons why millennials wanted to resign from their present companies in the next two years were the dissatisfaction related to salary, lack of exposure and learning opportunities, not being appreciated, and a poor work-life balance.
Quite interestingly, the professionals from India and China were most optimistic about their future and the ones from strong economic powers (the likes of Japan, United Kingdom, Italy and France) were pessimistic about the world and their future as well.

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