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When it comes to talking about beautiful skin, Japanese women are in the top of the list. They bit the ageing problems, skin problems and also health issues. From decades they are using their traditional and simple methods for lifestyle and they are winning the world with their glamour.
But there are some certain things which they used to do to maintain their health and skin. If you want your skin glow like a Japanese woman you can also try the below methods.
If you’re health conscious than you already know that your skin is the reflection of what you eat. Japanese women always eat healthy and low-fat food. They ignore bread, sweets and even fatty meat. I know what you're thinking, what you have to eat if you stop eating your favourite sweets, but dear if you want a healthy diet and a healthy have to stop it.
Did you ever think what makes them looks younger at the age of 40? Which face products they use to maintain their skin? Now the secret is out, in every Japanese woman’s diet green tea is a must have ingredient as it is full of antioxidants and it also has anti-inflammatory properties which help keep your skin supple and youthful for longer, and also – spot-free.
From beans to any fruit if it has no side-effects on your skin then you can apply it as a natural fruit face pack. Japanese women always use natural products to clean their skin. They also use rice water to wash their skin and its effects make their skin smooth and glowing.
To make their hair strong, healthy and extra shiny they never use chemical products just like we do. They use seaweed powder to clean their hair. It's an old method but it’s far better than the chemical one. And apart from this, they use special tiny little pore combs which not only massage their scalp but also their hair.
From a long time, they know the bad effects of UV rays and that it’s harmful to their skin. They never come directly under sun heat. It’s the main reason of premature skin ageing.
We read about the benefits of using natural oil in our skin but if you want an example then you have to see any Japanese woman. Their skin is smooth, glowing and spot free. What else reason do you need to start using it?
In Japan, bathing is a ritual, not a cleaning process. They take bath at least two times in a day. First, in the morning and second at night before sleep. They prefer to take a steam bath with oil to moisturise their body and scrub their skin with red beans called Azuki which help to get rid of the dead skins. Oil and moisturiser are the necessary things in their bathing ingredients.
If you know some other Japanese beauty secrets, share with me!
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