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Researchers have now focused upon the four key advantages that only extroverts enjoy in the workplace.There has been a lot of discussions recently about the advantages and disadvantages extroverts have in the workplace, but it often ignores the scientific fact, a recent study pointed out.

A quintessential extrovert can be defined as talkative, outgoing, loves taking charge, expresses positive emotion and enjoys looking for new experiences in life, explains Wilmot. By comparison, a quintessential introvert is quiet, emotionally reserved, lethargic and hard to interpret.
The study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, produced a comprehensive review of existing research (91 meta-analyses in total) all related to extroversion and work-related variables.

These aspects (165 in total) include things like motivation, work-life balance, emotional well-being, and performance. Supporting data was fetched from studies across many countries, from different occupations and across different career points including education, job application, and on the job evaluations. It was in four categories that extroverts enjoy a unique benefit; motivational, emotional, interpersonal and performance-related.
“These four appear to really capture the strongest positive effects of extroversion at work,” said Wilmot, whose research looks at how organizations take into account personality measures to solve workplace issues.

According to the researchers, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, extroversion is connected to a greater motivation to achieve positive goals in life- in this case as a desired reward through work. A happy employee is not only more content with life, but they also tend to work with more focus and as eventually are perceived as a better leader, study suggests.
Since extroverts love to be surrounded, the third advantage has to do with socializing. With a strong communication skill, extroverts tend to adapt better to diverse social conditions and are adept at persuasion, which is again a very strong leadership skill.

The fourth advantage comes down to job performance. Wilmot pointed to past research that had come up with the big five personality traits, only conscientiousness, and emotional stability mostly predicted performance across diverse occupations. This is an amalgamation of the three previous advantages.
“If you’re motivated to achieve a goal at work, if you’re feeling positive and you’re good at dealing with people, you’re probably going to perform better on the job. These advantages appear to have a cumulative effect over the span of one’s career,” said Wilmot.

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