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The ever-rising temperatures, intolerable heatwaves, and bad pollution levels, finally there’s a ray of hope which came in from the weather forecast that light rains may finally bring us some respite!

From the past few days, Delhi has been grappling with extreme climate conditions. From the bypassing loo to high pollution levels, the soaring temperature is making the city almost an unnatural place to live. Recently, it was brought to the limelight that the Capital also made it to the list of 15 hottest destinations from around the world.

Therefore now, after almost two weeks of extreme weather conditions, the MET department has predicted some respite for the national Capital, as there is a slight chance of light showers, thunderstorms or dust storms from Thursday as was observed yesterday ( with the cool breeze but no rain, though). A slight drop in temperature would be a huge relief, as the heat is becoming more and more unbearable by the day.

The minimum and maximum temperatures this Tuesday was recorded at 28.7 and 41.5 degrees Celsius, respectively. Even though it was slightly less, the mercury was still one notch above the normal.
Vesting our hopes on MET Department's forecast, let's hope that the God of rains 'shower' some love over the next two days. A little comfort has already taken place, as the temperature has gone a bit down and the scorching sun is seen to be getting lighter. The fact remains that Thursday has passed and there was no sign of rain except for the cool breeze, let’s just pray that today we get to experience a little sprinkle after getting out from the office. Also, after a shower there might arise chances that the weather would get humid, so let’s be prepared for that as well.

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