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Try to be in her shoes
First, try understanding why your spouse is behaving clingy. Has she been assuming ignored and has been acting in this manner just to get your attention? Does she has faith issues or is feeling unsafe? There are also chances that it is your behavior that is making her act clingy.
Talk, talk, talk!
Once you have tried imagining from her viewpoint and figuring out what might be going wrong, you should have a candid conversation with her. Rather of accusing her of encroaching on your personal space, keep the discussion focused on how you are feeling and what can be done to resolve the difficulty. Be a patient listener and encourage her to open up regarding things that might be upsetting her.
Try being a little patient
The comparison among the spouses keeps changing in a relationship. Maybe, you both have started dating recently and it is that primary charm of staying in a relationship that is making her act clingy. You can try being patient for some moment, and see how things work.
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