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Grounding, or rather Earthing, refers to surface contact with the Earth’s electrons by walking barefoot outside. It theoretically works as a good supply of antioxidants and free radicals, preventing chronic disease and slowing down the aging process.
How Earthing Benefits Your Health?
The Earth does maintain a negative electrical potential on its surface. Whenever you are in a direct contact with the ground (sitting, walking or laying down on the earth’s surface,) its electrons are transferred to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. It makes you connected to the earth, inducing favorable electrophysiological and physiological changes, which promote good health.

This conductive contact with the Earth is safe and natural, and it benefits your health in a big way. It seems to lessen down the after-effects of exposure to potentially disruptive fields such as “dirty electricity” or “electromagnetic pollution.”It seems to reduce pain, optimize sleeping habits, thin blood, decrease inflammation, minimize stress levels, and improve parasympathetic systems (pulse rate, blood oxygenation, respiration, and blood flow.)

A double-blind study examined the effect of grounding on about 60 healthy participants. Researchers attached conductive adhesive patches on the participants’ feet to read their electrical signals. The first group was unearthed for fifty-six minutes, and the second group was left open to twenty-eight minutes in the unearthed condition followed by twenty-eight minutes with the earthing wire connected.
The half of the participants in the second group came up with “an almost immediate change in root mean square values of electroencephalograms from the left hemisphere of the brain” said a researcher. This means that earthing acts as a great stress reliever.

The infusion of free electrons from the Earth’s surface helps neutralize free radicals, lessening both persistent and acute inflammation and slow down aging. It can help bring about good circulation, which may have a positive impact on your body in diverse ways.

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