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A new trailer of upcoming Disney fantasy Frozen 2 is out now, and all the fans of Frozen and Elsa (of course) are very much excited to see the movie. With the movie and the journey of Elsa, you will go on the journey of a magical world with the ice queen herself. While it is a visual delight for all, it also gives you a sneak peek into the new danger Elsa is set to face this time.

It instigates with Elsa ascertaining a horse’s image in water before it dissolves itself. Several blink-and-miss images appear in front of Elsa until Grand Pabbie arrives on the scene to tell her, “We have always feared that Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now we must hope that they are enough.”

The trailer shows a very quick glimpse of Elsa, her sister Anna and friends Kristoff and Olaf as they board on a terrifying journey which is beyond the kingdom of Arendelle to face a new threat. A scene in the trailer came out that shows Elsa hiding behind the trees as a huge demon is looking for her.

Earlier the makers released the teaser of the upcoming movie that has already made the fan so much excited about the movie. In the teaser, it was shown that Elsa trying to find her way off a dark island.

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The makers recently released a new poster of the film showing the two sisters Elsa and Anna standing in the woods. While Elsa is in her usual shimmery blue dress, Anna is in a purple dress. It is the sequel to the Oscar-winning 2013 film Frozen.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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