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Most of us know the very factors like infidelity or lack of trust that can put an end of an end to a relationship. Besides these, there are many reasons which can devastate a happy relationship but these hardly fetch our attention until it's too late.

1. Growing Bitterness
According to relationship experts, buried or unaddressed resentments can cause irreversible damage to a relationship. It’s very important to express anger or frustration because suppressed anger or bitterness will erupt badly in the future and can corrode a relationship.

2. Not talking about sex
Unsatisfaction in terms of sex in a relationship is quite common but a lot of couples do not even talk about this issue because of insecurity or fear. But unfulfilled desires could lead to low-self esteem, infidelity, and growing bitterness. Therefore, you need to talk about desires, let your partner know what you want when it comes to your physical desires.

3. Assumptions
The question at times arise is, can two people be so close that they know everything about each other to such an extent that they can actually read minds? Or is it a mere assumption? Sometimes, just assuming or making up in mind about a partner’s likes and dislikes and doing things accordingly can do more harm to a relationship than good.

4. No Surprises
The element of surprise makes a relationship spicy and interesting. But as time passes by, this sense of surprise starts vanishing and couples become less curious about each other. One of the ways to keep the spark alive is by switching to spontaneous things. For example, take your partner out for a dinner date or surprise by making his/her best food when he or she is least expecting it.

5. Taking For Granted
The worst thing one can do in a relationship is taking one's partner for granted. Doesn’t matter even if you’re married, you have no right to take a person’s feeling or their disposition for granted. Ones you step into this false notion you ruin both of your lives in diverse ways.

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