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There are certain aspects in a relationship that can easily be compromised when you’re truly in love, but there are certain traits that are absolutely necessary and totally non-negotiable to sustain a relationship. Written down are 5 non-negotiable things in a relationship:

1. Commitment
During the very initial days of the relationship, it’s not fair or rather it’s not that important to ask for a commitment, but it’s absolutely important to know that you both are very much ready to put in the efforts to make your relationship a successful one if at all you want to.

2. Affection
Affection is about not just about physicality but, emotional as well; and both are equally important for running a relationship. The sweet little things matter; which nowadays we called clichéd stuff like holding hands and unexpected compliments definitely add up, yes it matters!

3. Expressiveness
Expression in a relationship is as important as loving each other. Until and unless you express what and how you exactly feel in a relationship, you cannot really take this relationship forward. Staying bottlenecked is the worst decision you can make in a relationship.

4. Honesty
Well now, this comes as a no-brainer. You know how honesty matters in a relationship. Stop fake flattery and doing superficial stuff for your partner. Also, if you don’t like something that your partner says or does, say it! Your honesty would always make you a positive one in a relationship.

5. Priorities
Once to decide to get into a relationship, you already should have prioritized it. Nobody is asking you to let go off your passions and other concerned stuff just because you’re in a relationship, but yes! That significant other in your life deserves to stand a special place in your life which you value a lot amongst the other.

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