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Let's face it, Rahul Gandhi is the man, swag personified. There is no one else like our own ‘Pappu’. He has made us laugh in the past and continues to do add laughter in our lives. On his birthday here is a tribute to the man whom entire country loves with bigggggggg arms. I have made some memes to dedicate to him because every word that comes from his mouth is indeed very special.

The most recent and fresh one for you!

Rahul Gandhi makes sure he is always in limelight. He once again goofed up in the oath ceremony when he forgets to sign after the ceremony. Come on! Why are you in so hurry? What exactly important work you have to do. The nation wants to know!

1. Mummy Potato factory ka business kaisa chal raha hai?

"You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader”

Oh, we did not know potato has started to be grown in factories and Rahul Gandhi and his family is running the business of producing potato in the factory.

2. Tumne Amma canteen se khana khaya hai kya?

Oh! Pappu but u didn’t where exactly is this amma canteen because as far as we remember there is Indira canteen in Karnataka? When exactly did you start this canteen?

3. Steve Jobs ne Microsoft ko kitni uchaiyo par pahucha diya hai yaar.

Wow! That was quite breaking news for us also that Steve Jobs was managing Microsoft as well. He was running two giants ‘Facebook’ and ‘Microsoft’ at the same time. I think it would not have been possible because of you.

4. "Logo Aapko bar mein jana pasand hai kya?

“Pradhan Mantri ji bar mai jate hain...nahi...bahar jaate hai matlab abroad jate hai...

Clearly, Rahul Ji has all the information about the world. No one knew Modi also liked to go to Bar as well but thanks to him people came to know this about him.

5. Mummy Lok Sabha mein 546 seats hi hai na?

He surely makes sure that Raga is always in limelight? This is what you want na ?

6. “Madam Speaker kaisi hai aap”

Speaking in Lok Sabha, in response to President's address, Rahul called Chairman of Lok Sabha P. Venugopal as "Madam Speaker" .

Foolish or cute? I don’t what should I say about him? I think cute! What do you say!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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