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21st June, which is tomorrow, is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and is also International Yoga Day where various events around the world are held worldwide. Yoga which has a long history and is considered as the superpower in India is now gaining its prominence in other countries including China as well.

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How and when was yoga introduced in China:

It is known that yoga was introduced to China in the 1970s by Zhang Huilan, an internationally recognized yoga teacher through a television series named ‘Yoga’ which was aired until 2000. The television series which was the longest running television series in China was awarded ‘Padma Shri Award’ by the Indian government.

Growing Popularity Of Yoga In China

Yoga which was introduced in the 1970s in China is gradually sprouting with yoga studios all over Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities of China. For the first time, a yoga dedicated college was also opened in China in 2015. The three-year post-graduate course teaches Asana, Pranayama and yoga therapies. China- India Yoga conferences to further promote the yoga practices are also being held under the program.

Also, companies in China are also investing in their finance in Yoga. One of the Chinese sports brand ‘Li-Ning’ launched a yoga line and also held various yoga workshops. Along with it companies have also opened retail outlets for yoga wear across China and are sold online through e-commerce websites.

With all these initiatives people have started taking yoga seriously and have shared their experiences with yoga in the past. They say that they feel much stronger and healthy by practising yoga and doing yoga has helped them in many ways.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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