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Hailed as an engineering marvel, the world’s largest irrigation system called as ‘Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project’ was recently inaugurated in India’s southern state Telangana which provide a boon to the water system of the southern state. Designed to irrigate 45 acres for two Crores in a year it would be actually meeting 70% water requirements of the state.

At the time when people in the cities are actually scrambling for water, the project will help to meet the water requirements to one crore population of Greater Hyderabad on a daily basis. The project which took more than 80 Crores for the completion will not only supply 40 TMC (One thousand million cubic feet) of water to ambitious water supply project called as Mission Bhagirathi drinking and would also meet the requirement of about 16 TMC of industries in the state. The system would be harnessing the water of river Godavari originating from Maharashtra and then flows to Telangana without actually merging with the sea in Andra Pradesh.

The unique feature of the project includes the world longest tunnel route of 203 kilometres. Apart from that, it is the only project in the world which would be able to lift 2 TMC of water every day. Capacity pumps of 139 MW which have not been utilised so far anywhere in the world are the other distinguishing feature of the project.

The other biggest lift schemes in the world till date remains the Colorado lift scheme in America and the Great Manmade River in Egypt.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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