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Himachal Pradesh also holds a scary history from the hills. Here are some very scary places besides beautiful mountains and green nature, where you probably have not gone. If you believe in ghosts and you like to go to such places, then this place is for you.
These places are those:
1. Tunnel Number 33, Kalka-Shimla Train Route
Tunnel number 33 on the Kalka-Shimla train route is one of the scariest places in Himachal Pradesh. According to Legend, a British engineer named Captain Barog was given the responsibility to build a tunnel, but he failed miserably. Because of this, they were fined and humiliated by the British, so they self-indulge. His soul revolves around the tunnel. Apart from this, some people claim that they have seen a woman running shouting at the tunnel.
2. Charleville Haveli, Shimla
This mansion was built during the British Era and in 1913 it was given to hire a British officer Victor Belle and his wife to stay. When he started living here, the local people told him some horror stories related to this house. When he inquired about this, he came to know that in this mansion there are the ghosts of the British who roam around here. At present an Indian person is the owner of this house. He has rebuilt the mansion, but ghost stories are still there.
3. Indira Gandhi Medical College
The Indira Gandhi Medical College situated in Shimla is considered as the largest hospital in entire Himachal Pradesh. Apart from this, its name is also included in the horror of the city. Many of the patients, doctors, and workers have complained about strange events. He believes that the lifts, corridors and the strange events in the rooms continue to dwindle. Overnight voices in the night, with the noise, people here said that while walking on the stairs, someone tries to pull behind an invisible shadow.
4. Home of sadness
It is believed that the house of sadani named Paniya, situated on the hills, is also considered to be dead. Believers, then the spirit of an old man wanders here. It is believed that during the British rule, that old man had shot himself in this house. Since then, the soul of that person wanders in this house. According to a guest named Sir John Smith, who came in sadness, he saw this old man in this house where he shot himself. This house is deserted now.
5. Convent School, Shimla
Including a Jesus & Mary Convent School in Shimla haunted places. A lot of stories are said about this. One of them is the story that there is a sliding horse coming here and here girls give flowers to the rose, if anyone goes with him, then he kills him. It is said here that at present the children of the children were buried in the playground. Apart from this, in 2012, two students were found dead in an unnatural way.
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