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Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, on which many times humans have won. But you must be surprised to know that there is a mountain in the world, even if it is not the highest but has not been able to climb on it till date. These mountains are located between our neighboring country Bhutan and China. Its name is Gangkhar Puensum (White Peak Of The Three Spiritual Brothers). Its height is 24,836 feet, while the height of Mount Everest is 29,029 feet.
It is not strange that at least 3 thousand feet less than the highest mountain in the world, this mountain has not yet achieved any conquest. Bhutan and its law are behind this. Actually, the mountains in Bhutan get the same status as God. It is not less than a holy place for them. In 1994, Bhutan passed a law. According to it, only 6,000 meters high mountains will be permitted to visit the tourists. The height of this mountain is about 7,000 meters.
So no tourist or mountaineer has been able to reach here. And by the way, the Mount Everest is messing up the climbers, Bhutan's rule seems right. However, it is not that no one tried to climb the mountain. In 1998, some Japanese climbers tried to climb on behalf of China. When Bhutan came to know about this, he immediately took action and urged the Chinese government to stop him from climbing on this.
The Chinese government canceled the permit of Japanese mountaineers considering Bhutan. Since then no one has been able to reach this mountain. So you can call it the highest mountain in the world, as far as no access has been reached.
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