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Smoking is injurious to health and it’s a fact you can’t dismiss even if you’re a chain-smoker. You know this somewhere down that it’s killing you slowly but still you don’t really want to get over that guilty pleasure. Thousands of rules and regulations have already been levied when it comes to a country like India. Taxes are reaching higher and higher every year but it seems to have no effect on the demand.

Here are the few typical instances as to what happens to a smoke addict professionally and unprofessionally :

1. He has no idea as to how much smoking has taken over him, he has reached such an extent where he is ready to leave his girlfriend when it comes to a choice between smoking and her. Clearly, the boy has totally lost it while being addicted.

2. He believes the fact that the only way to tackle stress in smoking a cigarette. When he faces extreme work and pressure at the workplace almost impossible to combat with he knows what he’d do to get over.

3. These people can’t really stay without it, if they run out of cigarettes, they would not think ones before jumping to ask for one to the nearest person they see.

4. And in case if the person he wants to borrow a cigarette from denies him one, he’d surely get furious and might even slaughter him. Such is the addiction that one doesn’t care to commit a crime. Kidding, though.

5. After all the nagging and lectures to him to quit smoking when he finally decides to do so, he does but sadly, only for a minute before changing his mind yet again.

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