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So this is little girly thing and more for the girls who just don’t care about anything but their lipstick. Lipstick should always be there, no matters how much you have eaten or going to eat. After watching my colleague accepting this challenge to save her lipstick, I thought to bring out some ways to protect your lipstick.

If you are a lipstick lover and don’t want to leave your lipstick without lipstick then keep on reading to see the ways:

Use your hand:

Are you hungry? Get a bowl full of tasty food, what you can’t because it can ruin your lipstick, don’t worry we have a solution. Leave fork or spoon, use your precious fingers for it. Take your food to bring it on the level higher than your mouth and open your lips wide enough that your finger and food even can’t touch them.

Let your tongue do the job:

I mean let your tongue have the whole ice-cream without disturbing your lips. Don’t look at the people who they are eating ice-cream, you need to focus on your mission that is ‘Ice-Cream Should Not Touch Your Lips’.

The straw will help you:

We Indians love having Prasad, not just because it has some religious belief behind but actually each Prasad is so tasty. Now how you will save your lipstick when someone gives you to have cha-ran-amrit? Use a straw and in this way your lipstick won’t get off.

Waallaahhhh! We have done it! Now quickly apply some lipstick quickly!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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