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Every guy surely ponders over this fact that what his female colleague is carrying in her either oversized or medium handbag. Guys mostly carry nothing when they’re out except for their wallet and very few of them would be found with a backpack where they’d surely be carrying their essential electronic gadgets.

Coming to the main point, it’s a question in every guy's mind as to what do we women carry in our bags and what different stuff could it be? Therefore just to clear this doubt in their mind, there’s this little survey done at a workplace where a man would get to know what exactly a woman carries with herself every time.

Right after the short survey, thing was quite clear in their mind as to what a woman can carry in her purse, right from her wallet to different shades of lipstick to just a pair of socks, yeah the stuff could actually get weirder if you dig into it much. But all in all, if observed, every woman carries the same essential stuff-money, makeup, and food at times.

Men might come up with a question as to why would a woman carry such a lot of stuff when she’s out for just a few hours? Well, the answer is, we’re women and we do need our essential stuff to stick by us no matter wherever we go or for how much duration we’re out, it just has to be in our bags.

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