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Well, most people often believe that friendship has very less boundry. And maybe that is why we are more open in friendship towards each other. When is this theory really works the same in a friendship that is between the opposite gender? Like between a boy and a girl, is there any limitation between them. We ask this question because we often come across to hear that a boy and a girl cannot be a friend due to the sexual inclination to each other. So lets' know about this more is their limitation in a friendship between a boy and girl
Your perspective of friendship
Well, in many societies, young boy and girl fall in a sexual relationship being a friend. Whereas, in most part, people who assume themselves as a friend they don’t have sex between them. It is not a judgemental argument, but it shows a mutual perspective what you include in a friendship.
Your Age
Your age has certainly some limitation to abide by this. If you are an adult there would be some certain limitation like having consent, and when you are 19-21year age period, you usually assume that you don’t have boundaries so your age factor defines your limitation.
Mutual Agreement
When you an adult and have the caliber to make your own decision of yur life. In an opposite gender friendship, when your sexual appeal also become a key element in order to set some rules. You ask mutually each other what are the limitation of your between you and your friend.
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