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All of you have been hearing this line since childhood that the dream seen in the morning is true. Whether the dream is true or not, but its meaning is sure. If you want your friend to know the meaning of dreams, do not forget to share it with them.
If you look at yourself in a party, marriage or festival in the dream, it means that you will soon be going to somebody's bereavement gathering.
The appearance of a dead person:
If you talk with your own or your relatives who are dead, then it means that any desire of the mind will be fulfilled.
It is considered auspicious to see someone's ghost in the dream. That means, in the future. You will face any major losses.
It is good to see the fire in the dream. It is a sign of the stalled money coming back, but if someone sees someone burning in a dream, then it is considered bad, it is a loss in business.
Shredded head:
If you see your cut sliced head in the dream, then there is some kind of trouble coming upon you.
This is a good indicator. It means that your sufferings are going to end. Seeing this fear in their dreams, seeing this means that there is a problem in life.
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