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The thing to think about is that if animals were not added to God then perhaps the behavior of violence against animals would be greater. Indian mystics have given a message to protect nature and living organisms. Every animal is a representative of some God. It is his vehicle, so they should not be violent. Not only that, in other countries of the world, animals have been considered quite close to religion.
The Ox
Lord Shiva's vehicle is considered as Nandi. The bull is given importance in almost all ancient civilizations of the world. The idol of bulls has also been found in the excavation of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyria and Indus Valley. It shows that the bull has been given importance since ancient times. In India, bulls have been an important animal to be taken in the solution for cultivation.
A cow is called mother in Indian culture. The biggest reason for this is cow's milk. It is considered nectar.
This bird, which looks like a stork, also relates to the god of the Egyptian civilization. It is believed that the writing of Egyptian script was done by a knock and they are responsible for communicating between all the gods.
If a child jumps too much, then in jest, he is called a monkey or a langur. But in ancient Egypt, Langur was considered holy. The god of science and the moon of the moon was mostly depicted as a langur.
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