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People have always surprised the world with their unique work. And also inspired a lot for many. And when we come to the homosexual community, we find fewer people who set themselves apart from the world. But now society is growing and people are also from this community giving a great example to the world. So let’s know about those people who surprised the world with their decision.
Prince Manvinder Singh Gohil
Prince Manvinder Singh Gohil used to belong to the royal family of India, he was the first of such a gay, who was from the royal family. He started the trust of 'Target' to educate LGBTQIA + people about Protected Sex. In addition, this trust also provides counseling sessions and treatments for people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth is a famous novelist and poet. Through his writings, he delivered a gay tale to the people. This story he delivered to the people when people knew less about homosexuality.
Anjali Aamir
Anjali Amir is the first such transgender, who has played the lead role in the Indian film. Anjali lost her parents at a very young age. After that, he started living with transgender communities. He also modeled for a long time. At the same time, at the age of 20, he underwent sex-change surgery and became the first transwoman to appear in films.
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