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Delhi, India / Delhi, America -
A city similar to the name of India's Capital Delhi is also located in America, whose name and pronunciation are similar to that of Delhi.
Calcutta, West Bengal/ Calcutta -
Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and a major city of eastern India since the middle ages. Earlier this city was Calcutta. In the United States, in 1870, a city named Calcutta was named, which was known as the coal town. Currently, there are very few remains of this city.
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh / Lucknow, America -
city in India is the capital of the country's largest state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as the city of Nawabs. Located in America, Lucknow has sixteen rooms and 5,500 acres of hill estate.
Hyderabad, India / Hyderabad, Pakistan-
Hyderabad city in India is the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. This city was named after the city's favorite dance name. Hyderabad is also a famous city in Pakistan. This city was named after the nephew Hyder Ali of Muhammad Sahib.
Baroda, Gujarat / Baroda, America-
Baroda city is an ancient place in the state of Gujarat, India. This city is famous for its snacks eaten during Navratri. Located in the US, Baroda is a village spread over 1.7 sq km area, which was built by a man named Michael Hosker. Michael Hauser wanted to name the village "Pomona", but after suggesting the name of Baroda by C.H. Pindar, he changed the name of this village to Baroda. For your information, we want to know that C.H. Pindar was born in India.
Kochi, Kerala / Kochi, Japan-
Kochicity is located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala state of India. It is a major port city in India. While Kochi is the capital city of Kochi district on the south coast of Shikoku in Japan. In addition to the name in these two cities, another similarity is that both cities are famous for seafood.
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