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We all have big dreams in our life, we all want to fly high in sky; dreams to start to our start-up, dreams to get name and fame, dreams to follow our passion; while most of us are engaged in 9-5 routine work culture, hardly are we satisfied with what we are doing in our lives. Some want to follow their passion of singing and become the voice of a nation, others want to travel like a free wanderer and get lost somewhere, some wants to be the master of their destiny, others want to discover their lost passion.

Well, if you also want to achieve big in life, here is some motivation for you to move ahead in your life:

1. Influencers are digging goldmines

You can be raking a big back if you are an influencer, for those of you who don’t know, to have a good connection and reach on social media platforms can help you dig a lot of goldmines. Yes! You heard it right. Influencers are emerging as big marketing tools for big brands. From advertising companies to political domain influencers influence every domain. According to the new India Influence Report 2019, 56% of marketers believe it helps in connecting with the millennial. So if you think you have good networks on social media and can help reach the brands reach people, you must explore this arena.

2. You get paid for your leisure:

If you are a wild wanderer and want to freely travel across the borders but still wondering how to go about it or maybe the budget is the restraining factor in your dreams? You can do that without even paying a penny because a big brand actually pays for all your leisure. Yes, you read it right! You get paid for travelling if you are an influencer.

3. Youtube Videos are the way to go:

Not just travelling, you can earn money through any video using youtube. Yes, every other person is a V blogger in recent times but if you have a unique idea you can certainly earn money. From food to beauty to humour you can choose any subject of your interest and big brands will actually pay for your videos once you have good reach.

4. If your content gets any viral on any media your work is almost done:

From Tiktok to Instagram to Youtube if you can get viral on any social media platform, your future is secure at least for some time; now what you really need to do is maintain that quality of work on a regular basis.

Have a dream to achieve? Have a unique idea? Can build connections? Know about social media? ; YOUR SUCCESS RATE IS ACTUALLY 100%.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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