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When you spend quality time with your special ones, strolling in a park and grabbing appetizers the experience is altogether an amazing one. If you too have a similar interest it adds to your wonderful experience. However, if you try to be dependent on the other for everything you do you could feel suffocated. Thus, complete dependency on each other is a complete no.

Here is why giving space to your partner is must in a relationship:

1. Giving space can actually bring the romance factor in relationship

When one say that the distance makes the relationhip stronger everyday. If you are far from each other and still miss them it certainly indicates the level of bonding you have with them and thus giving space will definately help your relationship to grow every day.

2. When you Stop co dependence on your partner you relationship will grow:

A realtionship does not stay long if you are sticking to your partner for everything. It is important to be dependent on them for each thing. “If by chance the relationship does not work out the dependent person is at risk for depression or bad after-effects because they have made their partner their entire world,” she says.

3. Getting over the fear factor is must in a relationship:

Distance or giving space to your partner can be fearful sometimes as it creates a atmosphere of suscipicion in your mind;it is in fact very important in your relationship.

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