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The only thing real about Indian reality shows is that they are called ‘Reality shows’. Apart from that the way the shows make sure that they add a spice of melodrama for the TRP highlights the fact how Reality shows are not about talent but drama and TRP’S.

Here is a check of how all the reality shows are about drama, drama and drama…..

1. And the winner is…

While the entire season of every reality season makes certain that there is an element of suspense and drama in the shows, the grand finale of the show has almost abundance of that, especially while announcing the winner of the show. They would try to add suspense by statements like
• We will tell you about the winner after this break
• Let’s have one performance before knowing the break

I mean are they creating suspense or making sure that they irritate us.

2. The grandeur of the show is at some other level.

I don’t understand why is everything so grand in these realities shows . From costumes to sets everything is so lavish I literally feel suffocated. Sometimes I feel that they have come for some fancy dress competition.

3. They make sure to add a spice of drama

The contestants of the show are not selected based on talent but how much emotional drama they can create. They would show how every one of them come from a poor family and every problem of the world is faced by them. I mean like really? Even if everything is scripted can't you make efforts that it is being not highlighted atleast?

4. Cartoon Network show is always on

Every reality show makes sure that the show is always on and the primary actors who does that are the judges of the show. From nonsense punch lines of judges to climbing on the ladder to standing on the table, you would find them doing these gigs for appreciation. It seems like they have come to perform at some comedy show.

5. Anchors will make sure they flirt with the judges

You would see that anchor of every reality make sure that they flirt with the judges in a way that almost seems an utter piece of nonsense.

Apart from that sensational Promo of a dispute between judges and between contestants and judges are some other things that prove the fact that the reality shows have everything else other than the reality.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Anjali Sharma

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