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Friends matter and when they matter we feel connected to them. They become an indispensable part of our lives sometimes in a quick flash of time that we hardly realize that but the truth is it requires time to build a strong bonding in any relationship. While the fact that when that happens we happily are devoted to giving everything we have to it and the result is you feel emotionally involved to that person, so involved that you cannot imagine your lives without them and the fact that you are so connected to each other always feel like you will never be going to fall apart but that the harsh reality of life is no one is going to be with you forever. At the end of the day the bonding, connection fades away with the time especially the promises made in any romantic relationship.

sn’t it surprising that people who were so important part of our lives at one point of life hardly matter for us now? We cried we were left broken when we were parted from our friends in school. It looked like life clogged and it was hard to digest the fact that we have to survive without them but how much we talk to them now?

 It is understood that everyone has got busy in their lives but still it is really sad how easily we forget them and move ahead in our lives without our past buddies. Are we human really humane when it comes to making and breaking a relationship? Well, it does not seem so the way we make and break new connections every now and then.  

Talking about the romantic relationship they are also an illusion and could end anytime, the insensitive way we deal with them and believe me it when this happens all that matters is our ego, the perception that we can never be wrong. You may feel that you are madly in love with each other at one point of life does not actually mean that is the reality for forever.

So before getting serious for someone always ensure that you understand them well otherwise, you would be left with disappointment and mere disappointment.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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