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The glamorous world of Bollywood may lure you and seem exotic from outside but many incidents like the latest Kangana and Hrithik tussle, body shaming of Heroines, casting couch and demand for equal pay rights seems to puzzle our minds.
When Tisca Chopra Opened about Casting Couch
Bare some flesh to land a glamorous role, this clandestine agreement between casting agents and aspiring actors is one of Bollywood’s nastiest- kept secrets.
Tisca voiced her feelings on the jury of MAMI film festival because she herself has been a victim of casting couch in Bollywood.
Thank god! Tisca was smart enough to devise a clever plan and managed to escape from the situation.
Kangana’s latest tussle with Hrithik
Kangana and Hrithik were a hot topic a few days back, but it was not because they shared a great affair, but because of their alleged break-up.
Kangana spoke in her latest interview that everything has been “done and dusted”, and she is all set to move on her life. But the experience has left a bad strain on her life.
Kudos to Kangana for fighting against all the odds.
Leading ladies of Bollywood speaking their heart out for equal pay
Why Bollywood fails when comes to a comparison? Bollywood loves its heroines but doesn't pay them equally, why so? This is Bollywood’s year of the woman but the irony remains the same- why a heroine gets half the salary as compared to its male counterpart?
Leading ladies from Kareena Kapoor to Vidya Balan voiced their options-
The popularity of this cutting reaction by stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt sums up the wage spat in India.
“Hahaha, imagining desi producers faces if Katrina Kaif asked for equal wages on stage at Filmfare.”
Bollywood please come out from your patriarchal mindset, and set an example in the society..the days of paid laurels and appreciations have passed.
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