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Environment encompasses the interaction among the living beings, climate, natural resources that affect human beings and economy. It is certainly mandatory to protect our environment from the ongoing dangers. But the irony is that we, the mob, is actually playing with the nature and its boons. All we need to do is- to become self ready to maintain an impeccable Zero Waste lifestyle that would transform the boon into a blessing for all of us. Let’s have a look how these two determined ladies have set an example for people who are continuously harming the environment.
1. Durgesh Nandhini
A homemaker, having three years old daughter, had put a step forward on this vital subject in 2015. It has been many years that she is probing into the idea of being eco-friendly and now she is trying to make it happen with Zero Waste Lifestyle. Her inspiration is her own little daughter, who, once became so curious to know about certain things that made her to take up this decision. To start off with Zero Waste life, she began to give up all the materialistic things. Today, she buys grocery in unbleached cotton bags and liquids in steel vessels. She carries her own containers for takeaways too. She has totally minimized her garbage that contains materials which directly harm the environment. “We generate around half kg of non-recyclable waste every year”, she says.
2. Sahar Mansoor
During Sarah’s college days in Los Angeles, she first learnt the concept of Zero Waste in 2012, through a video of a lady that she watched in her classroom. Initially, she was not into the concept of eco-friendly environment, but later, after being blown away by the video, she got inspired by the Zero Waste Lifestyle of that lady. Gradually, she replaced plastic materials with paper, bamboo and steel products. She even learnt to make her own soap, shampoo and other cosmetic products as the so-called products in the market actually harm us. She has produced 500gms of waste in the past two years, which she has put in a glass jar. ”It looks much harder than it actually is”, Sarah exclaims.
We should take pride to know that there are such environmental lovers that are making so much effort to make our planet worth living and also making us aware of different eco-friendly ideas to make ourselves ever-ready for this desirable jaunt.
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