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With the changing landscape of India’s economy digital transactions are going to make its way. According to The LinkedIn Emerging Jobs 2020 Report for India, The report suggests that tech jobs will rule the economy and also emerge as the most growing career in the year 2020.

Ruchee Anand, head of talent solutions and learning solutions-India, LinkedIn says “This year’s report is a window into the changing landscape of the Indian economy. The country is seeing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore, industries are ramping up investments in the blockchain,”

‘2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report’ says that as many as 40 million users are learning the programming language. Used in software development, infrastructure management, and data analysis python is the most popular language learned by the people.

Here are some of the other essential hard skills the company needs in 2020:

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
Individuals who know the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models.
Cloud computing
Artificial intelligence specialist

” Jennifer Juo, who leads the content marketing team at Udemy also says that “Organizations are becoming more data-driven, and that’s partly because they’re harnessing the power of AI, and there’s a need to analyze and process data across all kinds of roles.

Keeping this in mind it is understandable that companies expect people to develop technical skills that are essential in the techno-savvy world.

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