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Father’s Day is coming on 18th June, Sunday. The day celebrates and honour all the Fathers who make their contribution to raise their children, but never let others recognize the fact that they have gone through so much of difficulties while fulfilling their duties. That’s true! Getting really emotional, but the truth is that they actually don’t make us realise about the hardships they face, throughout their life. Be it their diseases, their feelings, their tensions or anything, they never speak to anyone upon these things. Not everyone, But yes! Some of them certainly don’t. Mine, Never spoke up!
Jesus! Got so emotional.
Well, Shifting from the serious end to the funny, there is something insane that we all can relate to. The things one does in his/her childhood and laughs while recalling it, when becomes an adult. Have you guys ever thought of the funny things that you used to do secretly to imitate or to trouble your father?
Thinking? Let me help you! Here are some of the craziest confessions that are going to amaze your father on this special occasion:-
1. You must have done that in childhood- It goes like this: As kids, we secretly used to put fake mustache and imitate our dad in every way. Girls must have done with their strands of hair and boys buy the copied mustache from market.
2. When, in childhood we used to ask our fathers to carry us up and the reason to be given was,”i am tired of walking, Dad”. The only strategy behind this was just to hug or cling to him.
3. Another one is coming, which is really crazy- Most of us have done this; when we secretly, once, grabbed our dads’ beer mug and gulped a sip or two. I think, many of us agree with me on this!
4. This one is Hilarious. When we used to place a football inside our t-shirt to give ourselves an impression of fatty stomach, just like our father. Then, looking in the mirror, we used to copy our dad's habits. Still remember me doing this. Oops!
5. As a teenager, when we used to use steel our father’s shaving trimmer secretly and shaved our own beard (The beard that was scarcely visible) and when caught red handed, clearly denied.
6. When we secretly used to steal our father’s expensive pen, put it in the school bag and boasted about it among our friends. "Yes! That's my dad's most expensive pen and he has given it to me", we used to say this. Dude, we had Guts!
7. That awkward moment when the mom used to ask us where did he learn the slang word from? We secretly pointed out to our dad and he used to find the corner to hid himself. Really Funny, it was!
8. This one is amazing! Every average student has surely done this. Being so clever, we, the average students used to manipulate our test results i.e. making 40/50 from 4/50. Or taking it in the other way, that we used to forge our dad’s signatures on the test papers.
How wise we were! And our father used to think us to be the most obedient children.
Now tell them, what the exact story was and make them laugh about all the tiny funny things you did during childhood. Because, IT’S HIS DAY!
Happy Father’s Day!!
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