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Have you ever wondered how you sleep with your partner in bed? What sleeping positions you are acquiring consciously or unconsciously? Experts are of the opinion that the habit of sleeping with your partner in bedroom reveals a lot about the relationship you share with each other. Moreover, it also depicts the trust factor, understanding, and sexual drives and of course the problems that are being bubbling out between you and your spouse. Science has discovered that any change in a relationship, immediately changes the sleeping position of a couple together in bed.
So let’s try to probe into what your nocturnal sleep (with your better half) says about your love relationship. Here are some common sleeping positions listed below:-
1. The Honeymoon Hug
This position shows that a couple has just starting dating or has spent some time being apart from each other. This position is also common in married couple as it depicts passionate bond and also shows that their family life is full of love and care.
2. The Nuzzle
A couple sleeps in this position when their willingness to remain in touch with each other overpowers their comfort while sleeping. The relationship they share is full of vibrancy and sensuality. However, it also reveals that one of the partner in spite of being little dominant, protects the other one completely.
3. The Spooning
This cozy embrace position shows a strong connection between the couple. It shows the comfort and understanding between the two. This position is quite common in newly-wed couples. The partner behind, usually plays a protective role in a relationship as the other partner enjoys the feeling of being protected. It shows intensely harmonious relationship between the couple.
4. The Stargazing Position
The couple who sleeps in this position mainly shares a great emotional bond. This is a position when you place your head on your partner’s shoulder or arm. This shows that you need nothing but just your spouse. It gives you a feeling of comfort and also enhances understanding between the two. It also shows that the one, who has laid the head on other’s arm or shoulder, is the dependent one. This couple also posses’ great chemistry.
5. The Pursuit
This position denotes the problems that are bubbling up in relationships. The couple has lot of ups and downs in their love bond. It depicts the feeling of the partner (who is behind) to fix the problem than the other. This relationship involves lot of struggle between the two.
6. The Leg Hug
In this position you casually touch each other with legs or sometimes with your feet. This might shows the intimate distance but it indeed reveals the family harmony and mutual trust. There is a possibility that they might not be expressive in their thoughts they share with each other. But the overall relationship seems OK.
7. ‘I Cherish You’
This position mainly depicts a mutual freedom and respects a couple shares. It also shows that both the partners enjoy freedom of being independent in whatever they do. Touching their backs reveals that they always want to feel each other’s presence nearby.
8. The Cliff Hanger
The couple, who sleeps in this position very often, shows that they have emotional disturbances in their relationship. Their relationship might have lost the spark they had once. On the other hand, if they rarely sleep in this position, it could mean that the couple just needs a good night sleep.
9. The Dialogue
This sleeping position shows that couple is very expressive in their thoughts. They share a great emotional bond and discuss almost everything with each other. It actually denotes the strong connection of tenderness between them.
10. King of the Bed
The partners who spread themselves in bed while sleeping show an assertive behavior towards their spouse. Their behavior in relationship can be often analyzed as selfish that is totally reflected in the way they sleep. They try to dominate the other partner in every aspect.
So, these are some of the interesting sleeping positions you might have been unaware about. According to psychology, the sleeping positions actually relates to our relationship status. The more cozy and cuddle-some you are in bed, the more passionate and comfortable your relation is.
It’s time to find out yours! ;)
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