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Whether you believe it or not, Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh are the real comedy king and queen of Indian television. They have always rejuvenated you from the passive mood. And, no one can deny this fact. Both are undoubtedly, the best stand up comedians. It’s not about their jokes always that make us laugh but it’s about their way of conveying them. Their style, their attitude and their humility defines their true value as comedians. Both carry a huge fan following. I don’t think there is anyone whom Kapil and Bharti have never given belly laugh. Despite becoming so popular, they have never let the name and fame get over their head.
Precisely, we all know about the incidents that happened recently that pushed aback the team of The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS). Many speculations have been rife about Kapil’s annoying attitude towards the team members. But he immediately realized it and has also apologized for his offensive behavior. On the other hand, Bharti Singh has also been a big support towards his old good friend, Kapil. She still wants Kapil and Sunil to patch up and become friends again. This shows their generous nature, and they want everyone to live and laugh together. The argument spoiled the craze of TKSS among people but now, after hearing the news of Bharti’s joining in The Kapil Sharma Show, people are eager to watch the comedy union of both the expert comedians.
But do you think that Kapil’s journey from the huge Fiasco till Bharti’s entry has been a caky walk? Absolutely not! But do you think that Kapil’s journey from the huge Fiasco till Bharti’s entry has been a caky walk? Absolutely not! Let’s see how it went.
The Brawl between Kapil and Sunil
The huge fiasco between Kapil and Sunil Grover has led to the scattering of the team of TKSS. Sunil along with Ali Asgar, Chadan Prabhakar, Sugandha Mishra left Kapil’s show even after a public apology by Kapil on social media. The news about Sunil’s decision of quitting the show left the team in a devastating state after the controversy.
The Downhill of the show’s TRP
Gradually, the Show lost its momentum that it had once. Everyone was of the view that Sunil and Kapil has to reunite once again to regain show’s previous status. Individually, they couldn’t survive. The show’s TRP was getting low and it was affecting the audience too, who were always in wait to watch Kapil’s show.
Entry of Chandan Prabhakar
Then a ray of light came. One of the team member, who was annoyed earlier, made his lively entry in the show. This made the show gaining its status again but on a slow pace. Kapil’s childhood friend came back to him with a great amusement. And, people again got excited to watch it.
News of Bharti Singh’s Entry
When the news went on air that Bharti Singh, the queen of comedy, is going to join TKSS, the audience got even more excited than before. The JODI of the two comedians is just awesome and everyone knows that. People’s expectations were raised after hearing about the entry of Bharti in the show.
Rumors about Bharti having a heated argument
Once again a bad news was heard that Bharti Singh is not happy with her entry style in the show and asked to make a change in the script. There was also a rumor that she had a heated argument with one of the team member and cancelled the shoot. This again disappointed the audience their expectations. But Bharti herself shut down the rumor by tweeting, “who says I am not shooting for Kapil’s show?” That showed that everything was OK amongst all.
Bharti’s Entry
Bharti’s entry was a magnificent one. She entered dancing on punjabi dhols and gave everyone a belly laugh. She played the character of Punjabi girl Babli from West Delhi. This was a unforgettable entry that surprised the audience.
Bharti’s and Kapil’s friendship
Bharti has recently made a great and happy entry in TKSS. The show has revived again with full off laughter and witty remarks. The Jodi is now booming like anything and everyone is enjoying every episode of the show. Kapil and other team members have given a surprise on Bharti’s birthday and she really acknowledged it.
These old friends have reunited to give us much more than belly laugh. Rightly said, a true friend can only understand the bond that exists among them. Earlier, Chandan Prabhakar and now Bharti Singh has proved it.
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