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No matter what school we went to, that phase of life is always special. It includes fun, fights, pressures, friendships, etc. which are really unforgettable memories for future. In fact, the most important part of school life is the types of teachers (the funny ones) who make our life even more interesting, sometimes annoying too. Some of them are fun, some are boring and some little weird, but you still enjoy recalling them.
There was a category of teachers in schools whom we used to mimic. They are just universal and same everywhere. Here we show you the different types of funny and annoying teachers that you will surely relate to.
1. Dream Girl
The ‘Miss So- Hot’ teacher in the school. The first love of every boy whom they used to fantasize about whereas, for girls she was the diva queen and the perfect fashion icon. Just recall the time when she used to come to the classroom and slay everyone with her killing looks. Books used to appear as if they are ‘ Kora Kagaz’.
2. The Most Alert
This so- called alert one was a kind of teacher who was a real Kumbhkaran in the class. He/she was always sleepy, lazy and hungry. Sitting lazily and yawning used to make everyone yawning in the class. They hardly used to take classes and when they did, all they did was sitting on the chair and ask the students read the book on their own. What attentiveness!
3. Perfect English Teacher
The so-called English teacher never knows how to speak in English. Imagining him pronouncing ‘Sit’ as ‘Shit’, Oh shit! These kinds of incidents used to give us belly laugh. They always tried to build up a ‘Grammar Nazi’ figure of them, but never succeeded.
4. Kid Eater
These were the kinds of teachers who used to come to class just to blackmail or terrify the children. Always in a mood of humiliating the poor kids, they never even used to give their lips the opportunity to relax and smile a little. Horrible teachers! How poor we were!
5. The Real Problem Solvers
Teachers are meant to solve student’s problems but in our school time we have witnessed some teachers who used linger on the problems and never answer them back. Their famous dialogue is, “What were you doing in the class when I was teaching you? Go home and try to solve it yourself.” They were very quick in giving homework but never used to tell the solution of a problem. Irritating but funny!
6. The super-strict
This teacher used to nail us to the wall even for a little eye movement in the classroom. “Shut your mouth; is it a fish market; Stand up on your seat and raise your hands; Get out of the class” are some of the popular dialogues of Hitler (teacher). You couldn’t even take a little sigh in their rule.
7. The Chatter- box
The over- talkative teachers were often liked by us. These kinds of teachers used to teach less and talk about their life events- her kids, family, friends, maids, relatives, etc. for all the remaining time of the class. We, as students, used to do our best to keep the chatter-box going: the more the teacher talked, the less we had to study. In short, that was used to be an enjoyable period.
8. The Stay backs
These were the kinds of teachers who used to come late for class, start teaching after 10 minutes and then stay back in the class, teaching even when the period time was over. They were just intolerable especially, when the next one used to be games period. Seriously maddening!
Though we had these funny as well as annoying teachers during our school time, yet recalling that phase of life and those teachers, we still feel like going back to the time, meet them all and even live up that time once again.
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