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Marriage is indeed a beautiful phase of life. Although, it asks for sacrifices, commitments, responsibilities, yet it beautifies your relationship to the core. But, for a girl, there is always a threshold between the two phases of life- Pre and Post-marriage. Both are precisely the two different stages. A woman’s life literally changes (either in a positive or negative way) when she crosses the threshold level.
The marriage brings forth the rebirth of a woman- a new life, new family, new routine, new home and everything new. Even if she is happy in her new environment, the marriage put forward its own new challenges that force her to accept and battles for them. There are certain phases that every marriage has to go through and a woman is the one who makes more moves in comparison to man to deal with it.
Before marriage, a girl’s dreams of having a perfect fairy tale, a prince charming that will remain by her side and takes care of her every wish. It surely happens but obviously not like the same dream. The life shifts from imagination to practical aspect which changes the whole aura of a relationship, specially a girl’s life. So, she should not expect a fairy tale, rather she should be positive and strong enough to take the challenges of her coming life. But she should always accept the fact that nothing can be perfect ever and a relationship never goes without conflicts.
There are some after marriage battles that a woman has to deal with-
1. It’s never going to be perfect
Before marriage, it’s better to accept the fact that a girl’s life can never be a fairy tale once she is tied in a wed- lock. She can’t be always treated like a princess, on the contrary, has to face the practicalities of the life.
2. Not always Romantic
A woman always imagines a romantic life with her partner, after marriage. In the Initial years, she enjoys a romantic phase but gradually, after some years, the romance takes a different turn. It surely remains between the couple but its intensity or way of occurrence changes. So, she has to accept this reality and try to retain the romance with her husband.
3. Bad times too
What a girl expects before marriage is that she would have a loving partner and all her loneliness will come to an end. They both will go hand in hand always and forever. But in reality, this is not the case. No matter how cute and strong a relationship is, she should always remember that there are bad times too. Also, she has to act wisely to fight those worst times to maintain harmony among every relationship.
4. Negative thoughts
A woman has to combat with the negative thoughts that often come to her mind when she feels pressurized. Most of the women often think of running away from the difficult situations. Sometimes, they feel like being single. Battling with these types of situations are really tough as it cause lead someone to depression. So, a woman needs to be strong enough to handle her and the situation both emotionally and practically.
5. Need to make own rules
Sometimes, after getting married, woman gets surround with the so-called inappropriate norms or taboos made by her parents- in-laws which she is unaware of. She comes dreaming something else and what happens to her is completely opposite. Initially, she has to follow all those norms laid by the family members but gradually, she fights for the right and make her own rules which makes her comfortable. After all, she is a human being and no one can impose the so- called taboos on her.
6. Feeling of Regret
Her fantasy shatters when a woman faces the reality of post marriage. Sometimes, she feels disappointed over her decision of getting married because her dreamy world had never depicted her battling with tough situations. She tries her best to fix this feeling to maintain a happy life which makes her life duller than before.
7. Dealing with loss of Independence
Once a woman gets married, she can’t get out of her home without taking permission of her in-laws and husband. This never happens before marriage. When she is single, she just has to tell her parents that she is going to a particular place. But post marriage, priority changes. Now, she has to ask before going out as well as plan her engagements according to her family. This is quite tough but a woman has to battle with it as it is a part of her life changing process.
Facing down the preconceived notions of marriage, a woman should decide what really works on her. She has to lay a new foundation for the next phases of marriage.
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