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Did you ever think that the profession you are into is actually of your choice or not? Did you ever feel being pressurized by your parents to pick up a stream of your interest? In my case, everything was smooth enough. My parents never forced me to do what they liked. They always encouraged me in every phase of life. There were only two things they demanded- ‘Honesty and Hard work’. May be because of their support, I am what I am today.
But in today’s society, people play somewhat different tune. They are not at all bothered about the innocent dreams of their kids rather they force them to indulge in the streams that force them to become doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. Taking up professional sports in Indian society is degrading. The reason directly points out the Indian parents who are either orthodox or scared about some other reasons to let their children pursue the career in sports.
There are some of the important reasons why parents in India don’t want their children to take up sports:
1. Low salary packages
It has been seen that other than cricket, authorities do not pay handsome salaries to the athletes/ players in sports. Parents who belong to low economic status feel a great risk of not getting considerable salary packages. That’s why they deliberately avoid their kids to indulge in sports as it demands lot of hard work with hand to mouth conditions. So, parents, in spite of taking sports as a profession for their kids, they focus on higher studies.
2. Job security
A job security that a government or medical or any other field offers is not there in sports career. This is actually what scares the parents today. Indian parents are fears about the short span of career in sports. It’s not a long term job. Being parents, they want their children’s career to be secure and safe for future too. So, that’s the main reason why parents in India walk over the sporty dreams of their children. But in reality, the job insecurity is now common in almost every sector which is creating great problems especially mental disturbances and nervous breakdowns.
3. Conservativeness
In India, there is a section of people who have an orthodox thinking. They are conservative about not only sports but also other fields like dancing, acting, painting, photography, etc. they do not believe in supporting their kid’s alternative choices. There are some reasons for this. Firstly, they are not educated enough to be aware of the good things about above professions, like how artistic and creative they are. Secondly, they fail to recognize their children as talented and restrain them (specially girl child)within their limits.
4. Following the society
The worst thing on the part of Indian parents is that they always follow other masses. They try to imitate what other people’s children are doing. Following others, parents force their children to compete with other children in society. Also, a person who thinks differently is not accepted in the society. So indulging them in routine streams like Engineering, MBA, Law, etc, they feel peaceful mentally as well as emotionally.
5. Prioritizing cricket
Parents do not support their children to actively choose sport as a career option. The reason behind this is that only Cricket is a sport which is given highest priority in India. It is the only game which is highly advertised, supported and celebrated. As our national game is Hockey, I personally hear more about cricket and that too almost every day. Other sports should also be encouraged side by side so that people get more aware about them and their importance. Even in cricket, not all can be Sachin Tendulkar. So, the parents whose children excel in cricket do not want to take chance of career insecurity.
6. Corrupt system
Parents are scared of the corrupt system of sports. They are totally aware of the fact that the youngsters or children who are great at this business can only move forward if they have huge bank balance or contact with higher authorities. But they forget about the reality of other career options. They do not realize that the fields like engineering, medicines, etc. also have highly corrupt authorities that trample the dreams of the kids. The children who deserve never get the recognition. The hypocritical systems prefer money to talent.
7. Family inconvenience
This is the lame reason most of the parents give in Indian society. At first place, they do not understand the talents, capabilities and interests of the kids. Then they want their kids to do higher studies and ultimately join the family business so that they won’t get separated from their children. Specially, they think that as sportspersons, the child will concentrate more on his own field rather than family. On the contrary, they feel that if he would be in the family business or a doctor in his home town only, the life would be more secure and will inspire the younger generation in many ways.
Conclusion: In my opinion, it should be all about a child’s need, caliber, interest and potential. If parents would force the child to indulge in other activities of their choice he will not be able to succeed in life. In fact he will be depressed working hard about the job he is not interested in. Also, it is important to realize that the sports are equally important as the education. So, it’s the core responsibility of Indian parents to realize their kid’s dreams and talents soon by making a friendly bond with him. If he wants to become tennis player, swimmer, or any other sports person, encourages him. Remember if you are encouraging a sports person in your child then you are ultimately encouraging and supporting Indian sports.
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