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Gone are the days of night sex, when lights are off and everything in the morning becomes boring. Yeah, I'll say it — boring. But getting it on in the a.m. isn't just a way to break out of your sex practice, it actually has a ton of physical and exciting payback. So, stop hitting snooze and use up those 10 extra minutes making love instead.
If what you do at the commencement of your day sets the tenor for the rest of it, then having an orgasm is pretty much the best probable way to steer in another 24 hours of life. Having sex in the morning releases also oxytocin, also known as the hug hormone.
An orgasm does wonders for your brain. Not only does it increase the oxygen and blood flow to this vital organ, it summons other various nutrients as well. Having sex can turn on your entire brain. Cool.
If you're too weary to get on top (or get it on at all) at night, you're a sloth. If you're too exhausted to hop on in the morning, that's sensible because you're still half-asleep, maybe waking from a dream where Brad Pitt took his shirt of just for you. Plus, you can be at your grossest — eye boogers, stink breathing, stinking from night sweats — and it's fine because you just woke up.
And does it requires any explaining? Because everyone loves some extra brownie minutes. Morning sex is like eating chocolate ice cream for breakfast — it's self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking and cheering. Plus, who doesn't want to linger in bed just a little longer?
This does make for a speedier practice, which is a solution for weekend mornings. A wise guy Aristotle said precious lines,”If everyone is naked, it only follows then that we should have sex.”
So, what are you waiting for people? Get your ass off as there is nothing like a good c*ck rooster to wake you up!
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