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In this digitized world, we all prefer the easiest way to do any sought of work. In today’s lifestyle, we prefer many activities to be done by the online method, and among those methods, online shopping is the most common and famous that usually used by common people in their day to day life. If we talk about shopping then ‘shopping’ is considered as one of the oldest technique of trade that needs a common chain of Buyer and seller but what if I say that buying a product from a seller which is intangible for you. Let’s just talk about that kind of shopping in which there are some pros and many cons.
Have a look at the cons of “ONLINE SHOPPING”:-
What if we need that particular product urgently? Because in online shopping one has to wait for 1-2 or sometimes more than 6-7 days to get the product delivered.
Each company has its own size criteria so because of this many times buyers do not get satisfied and apply for exchange and that exchange process literally blast the mind of the buyer.
How can we buy any product without knowing the material quality of the product? Right, that is why many buyers often face this problem.
We always see many SALES on various online shopping websites and APP’s but when you actually visit there, good products are always shown “OUT OF STOCK”. A major issue it is.
Many times buyers have to face the fraud sellers and due to which they again prefer physical shopping. So be wise and carefully purchase all the products.
Before this digital age, each festival had its own unique importance to bring life & joy among families because for shopping each member went to the market and spends time with each other but now many people prefer DIWALI DHAMAKA SALE which I guess, a bad option.
In the end, I’d like to conclude that we should become a smart buyer and take our decisions wisely while selecting things. Because the market is huge and to be a smart buyer is the only option we have.
Stay wise, Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Vikas Kakkar
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