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Each famous actor of Bollywood has its own personality and quality that makes him very special among the vast crowd of the celebrities. If you talk about Saif Ali Khan, who is nowadays in hype due to his movie “CHEF” has already proved his acting skills a long ago. Today, lets just discuss the top characters which were played by the Saif Ali Khan in his various movies & also discuss which prestigious awards he won beacuse of those remarkable performances.
Some Memorable Characters of Saif Ali Khan:
#1 Dil Chahta Hai
A confused cute loving boy who easily fall in love perfectly portrayed by none another than Saif Ali Khan. Apart from that, a perfect comedy timing proved that this KHAN has unique qualities to stand out in the Bollywood.
#2 Kal Ho Na Ho
Saif’s side role gives the perfect edge to main characters of the movie and the innocent character suites with saif’s cute face beautifully.
#3 Hum Tum
Saif plays a mixed-up role in this movie and acted superbly his both age era perfectly. He proved that he can play both young and mature characters.
#4 Parineeta
In this movie, Saif Ali portrayed the true image of himself which is “NAWAB”. He looks too decent and sophisticated in the movie.
#5 Omkara
One of the greatest performance during the career of Saif. He brilliantly played an Indian version of bad guy of story “Othello” – “Omkara”.
#6 Love Aaj Kal
Who can forget the two epic roles by Saif in the movie Love Aaj Kal. A perfect Sikh guy who compared with the role model of Ranjha and another character is the funny loving guy. Marvelous performance!
#7 Cocktail
All the viewers got amazed after watching a new and fresh Saif Ali avatar in the movie Cocktail. A perfect love triangle shows many angles of the life and also many emotional scenes of Saif in the movie.
In the end, I’d like to conclude that till now Saif has come out with many great movies but the movies listed above are considered as the finest movies of Saif Ali Khan’s career.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed by Varun Singh
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