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In a world where fast food is a savior nowadays, there are people who only put on weight in their day to day life but as you all know exceptions are always there. Many people are still trying to put on some weight. But gaining weight is also a difficult task. Today we will discuss that how one can gain weight in less than 20 days. Here are some of the food tips related to weight gain:
P.S – Food tips are mainly focused for skinny bachelor guys to put on muscle mass.
1) Rice
If you are living a bachelors life and don’t have enough time to cook something special than switch your diet to white rice. It hardly takes 15 minutes to cook and it’s the best source to get enough fiber, protein and fat.
2) Nuts (Nut Butter)
Easily available in the market and even too easy to carry anywhere. No butter is better than the nut butter. Use sandwich bread to spread the butter and enjoy with your coffee or tea.
3) Vegetables and Carbs
Great sources of healthy calories, apart from that do use various spices to make your salad. It’s scientifically proven that carbs are best for building a great body. Always prefer good carbs.
4) Cheese
We all know that cheese contains a high amount of calories but if we talk about muscle good mass than do add a small quantity of cheese in your diet for sure.
As we all know that in bachelors life it’s too complicated to deal with the perfect diet but by adding these 4 items in your diet it will surely help you in gaining weight. Stay away from the bad carb and focus on the good carb. Say no to junk food and stay fit & for more updates stay tuned to LOPSCOOP.
Written By – Adnan Alam
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