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“The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get onto it, and the perseverance to follow it” by Ashna Sudhakar.
The life journey of Ashna is very similar to Kalpana Chawla, when you are on the Facebook page of Ashna Sudhakar, you will not see a space scientist or a researcher there, but you will see a dreamer. A dreamer who wants to reach the majestic sun, as a child, she gazed dreamily at the night sky filled with twinkling stars and wondered about the crazy things in space. Now at NASA, she is working on solar radio burst. Let’s just know about this girl a little more and read some of her golden words.
Ashna was in school when she heard about Kalpana Chawla's death in the Columbia Shuttle crash and her venture into space made the girl from Kozhikode to idolize the astronaut. Before this, Ashna had interned with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) where she worked on gravity waves and ionospheric physics. She had also worked with Solar Physics Observatory, Kodaikanal and Aryabhatta Research Centre, Nainital.
"Since then", she wrote in a blog published at Internshala portal, "I had wanted to work in the field of space research. I had fallen in love with her infectious smile and influential personality so much that I'd carry her photograph all the time. This even earned me a nickname - The Space Girl!"
"While browsing the internet looking for space school announcements, summer internships, or relevant conferences to learn to refresh my mind, I came across the NASA space school in Maharashtra and joined it for 15 days. I interacted with scientists from NASA and attended their lectures. I also came to know about SCOSTEP Visiting Scholar (SVS) Program under which young scientists and graduate students are trained in solar-terrestrial physics laboratories and institutions for a period of one to three months," she wrote in the blog.
After she was got selected, she wrote: "The happiness felt by a girl hailing from a small village who had watched airplanes from the terrace of her house on taking a 17-hour flight and working in NASA was beyond words."
Hopefully, Ashna will lead a successful life in future and always make us proud at world level. Best wishes from team Lopscoop.
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