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In September 2011 Spiegel, Murphy, Brown officially released this image exchanger messenger App. After that, this App gained a lot of praise as well as criticism from various users all around the world. Well, no matter what people say, this app is one of its own kinds. This application has wonderful unique features and one of the best features of Snapchat is its filters that change the whole style, type, etc. Just because of this it is totally changing the perception and sometimes identity of the user. Let’s just discuss some of the world most popular Snapchat filters.
P.S – Selection of top filters is based on the top YouTube videos of the Snapchat filter and the duration of survival on the Snapchat app.
• Voice Changer Filter
No problem if you had a husky voice or weird voice, try this voice changer filter with various crowns like Bunny, Bee or Deer. This filter makes you to look cute.
• Flower Crown on head Filter
Why make or buy flower tiara when you already had a digital flower crown on the Snapchat app. It is mostly used by celebs.
• Sad Time Filter
If you go through YouTube this filter is best for boring Mondays, lengthy lectures and so on.
• Geo Filter
Update your status with place location. Users go for this filter many times while creating their stories.
• Soft Wash Filter
Remove your acne and dark circles with this filter. It is commonly used by girls on Snapchat.
• Face Swap Filter
Best game to play with friends on the Snapchat. Funny and interesting enough!
• Rainbow Vomit Filter
Unique way to look cute and create intense humor.
• Doggy Filter
One of the most popular and used filter on the Snapchat. If you want to look different yet smart try this filter.
The list is endless because the developers create new filters everyday. It has also many other filters that show temperature, speed, and many other exciting elements. If you haven’t tried these filters then do try and look fancy AF.
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Author – Adnan Alam.
Image designed by Vikas Kakkar.
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