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Cristiano Ronaldo - 5 times winner of Ballon d'Or and many other awards in the field of football, This man totally proved that with all the hard work and dedication we can win any war against all the odds. This year too in FIFA official award ceremony Cristiano won the FIFA player of the year award aka Ballon d'Or Award. So today let just know something different about this true living legend of Football.
Some lesser known facts on Cristiano Ronaldo:
1 – A humble personality!
2 – Angry Nature from the very childhood!
3 – Why he's called as Cry Baby?
4 – Not even capable for Liverpool!
5 – Career almost dead at the age of 15!
6 – False Accused of Rape!
7 – Never wanting 7 Jersey number!
Hope this 32-year-old superstar may shine more and more in his future. Stay tuned to Lopscoop for more sports updates.
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Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar.
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