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Delhi is again engulfed with a thin layer of smog and the pollution level is increasing day by day. Though the temperature in the national capital has not shown a major dip, however, you can feel chills in the early morning and late evening. According to the monitoring station across the national capital, the air quality has become very poor as the visibility fell below one kilometer.
Now you can witness people around the capital wearing masks as a precautionary measure. Last year around thousands of cases of people suffering from the respiratory disease was reported. However, in comparison to last year, the aftermath of pollution after Diwali was quite low.
According to media reports, “The sound level data on Deewali day monitored during last four years reveals that in 2017 the sound level recorded is the lowest at all stations, even in humid atmospheric conditions,” said an analysis revealed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which is India’s nodal pollution watchdog.
The problem is that the government has not yet decided what steps would be taken when the temperature will see a major dip and the pollution level will increase. New Delhi has struggled in terms in increasing pollution for around two decades because of firework lit during the festival, burning of paddy stocks in neighbour states, vehicles emission and construction dust. The national capital has the worst air quality according to the latest WHO report.
We suggest the people living in the national capital to take precautionary measures to the level of smog might increase in the upcoming days which are harmful to health. We hope that the government will take steps to curb pollution across the national capital.
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Author - Amit Singh
Image source - HT
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