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Marriage is not a joke and couples who think that the road to marriage is easy, and then they are wrong. Few things which matters the most in a relationship is trust, love, commitment and bonding. If you lack on any of these then there are chance your relationship will not work anymore and you might end up having a break up. Considering all these things, today we decided to share with few things which will let you know that your partner is interested in marriage or just hanging around.
Here is the list of 5 signs he is not going to marry you.
When it comes to discussing future plans, he is the one who avoids the conversation and ignore things.
Marriage is all about responsibilities you have to face in future and he always gives the excuse that he is not ready to take responsibilities.
With time he no more wants to spend time with you and thinks he is just meeting for the sake of it.
He no more feel connected to you and no more adores you on a date. Things seem complicated when you are spending time with him.
You are having a good chemistry, however when it comes to emotional support he is not there to support on issues which matters the most in a relationship.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credit - Vikas Kakkar
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