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Nowadays no love flows in the air of Delhi NCR because SMOG is the only thing that flows in the air of Delhi. The most polluted city in the world just gets more polluted in last two days. So looking at the current situation and as per the demand different big brands just planned to launch some new products of them which are totally solely inspired by the SMOG and the pollution of Delhi NCR, so here is the first glimpse of upcoming products dedicated to smog:
No more Aam sutra now SMOG sutra is the new exotic product in the market.
Now the only thing which one puts in his/her mouth is SMOG ok!
Because now the only thing which remains in the sky is POLLUTION. So ya pretty justified.
Only limited to Delhi NCR market and all for free of cost.
Brutal Reality of current scenario.
The way surf excel washes the dirt in the same manner SMOG is washing our lives nowadays.
Leave the thunder behind because this is the end of many lives but in slow motion.
You can clearly understand the whole concept just by the punch line.
So in the end on a serious note stop creating pollution and if you do not pollute your city then start opposing the wrong, the one who dangerously increases the pollution. If we do not take any action today than tomorrow life will play the same game with us “IGNORING”.
Message from team LOPSCOOP.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas Kakkar.
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