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Last year on the very same day what is today we Indians or I can say extra strong Indians witnessed one terrible decision that deeply changed the economic system of Indian society and not only economic system but also the mind set of many people. So on the anniversary eve of Demonetization let just bring some hilarious lessons that we really learned over a year.
Here are 7 hilarious lessons which we learned from Demonetization:
This is the point that, “never wait for good days” because these all “ache din” agenda is a mirage.
Exactly start spending money and do not plan for any savings please.
Now you understand where all the black money is going…. Yes you guessed it right.
In many cases when every wind blows against you than Choti Goldflake become a savior.
Download every damn app which fulls your phone memory and make your account empty.
Real supporting people are only discovered in the hard times.
This is the main point and everybody just be prepared for both the situations.
Not only these we learnt many other things too, that how to do time pass in ATM queue, how to make great friends at bank window ques, How to save money or actually spend money smartly etc. No matter what our PM promises during demonetization but we learned many things from this tragedy.
Stay alert and never do any saving “KYA PTA KAB NOTEBANDI HO JAYE” :D
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar
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