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A day before Children’s Day got celebrated with full of zest in whole India and on this event, many popular actor & actresses posted their childhood photos on their various social media platforms. So we thought why don’t just gathered all the photos and do some naughty things for them. So here we are going to present a slide show where we just compared their current photo and their childhood photo.
Enjoy some lesser seen photos of your favorite star:
From a small town girl to International actress.
Sometimes cuteness never fades.
Truly a blend of cuteness and smartness.
Stars of Pataudi Family.
Black beauty & now also cuty.
I guess the cry baby is grown up now.
This girls always surprise us.
Poser from very beginning, Yes!
Cute-Cute to still CUTE-CUTE.
Small little boy to macho man.
Classy & beautiful from childhood.
Looks adorable in black and white.
Sibling loves never dies.
Hope you all also get amazed at watching these cute-cute and amazing photos of Bollywood stars. Do share these pictures with your friend and family and please do create your own childhood and adulthood collage, It’s really fun :)
Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more updates.
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Curator - Adnan Alam
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