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Some years back, government came out with a plan in which one had to do his /her full body check, I mean whole body scan to get an AADHAR card. AADHAAR seems to be like the most important card (easily available like a metro card). Many people created their 2-3 AADHAAR card of different state but doesn't matter “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”. So, we are going to discuss 10 unusual things that have to be linked to your AADHAAR card in future.
So here we goooo………..
Be ready before pregnancy to make your baby government approved.
#2 - Fresh Air
The present condition truly predicts that in coming time for fresh air you have to take permission from the government.
#3 - Clothes
In current time, many active politicians from India (you know what I mean) always raise finger on dressing sense of girls so in coming time government may ask to link your dressing sense with the government.
#4 - Investment
The speed of TAX PERCENTAGE is getting high day by day. So in future, there will be no investment or saving for sure.
#5 - BF/GF
No need of BF/GF in Uttar Pradesh and if someone needs that then link your AADHAAR and change it into fully final marriage.
#6 - Outings
In future we have to act purely and entirely according to Government, so it would become mandatory to LINK your outings plans too.
#7 - Clean Water
Same goes for water in future if one needs fresh water then they have to link their AADHAAR to the government.
#8 - C.V
This will be a trick from the government. Be cleaver & Be smart
#9 - Dreams
Not only sleep but we all have to link our DREAMS too… SSShhhh! Government needs to know everything.
#10 - Thinking
This is the ultimate plan to link your thinking so that whatever you think is of, for and by the government.
So be ready for all the new plans from government and get ready with your new AADHAR CARDS. Stay connected with LOPSCOOP on FACEBOOK & UC NEWS.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar
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