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Funny Bird
Tibor Kercz has won the top prize at the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - and the portfolia prize - for these hilarious photographs of an owl struggling to keep its footing on a tree branch. Kercz wins a safari holiday in Kenya, courtesy of Alex Walker’s Serian and Kenya Airways, a trophy made by disabled artists at Tanzania's Wonder Workshop, and a bag from THINK TANK. Now in its third year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recognises visually appealing - and amusing - photos of animals, with this year's 3,500 entries judged by the likes of Kate Humble and Hugh Dennis. Here are a few more of the best shots...
The laughing dormouse
The "On The Land" prize went to Andrea Zampatti for his precious photo of a euphoric little field mouse at the top of a flower - and presumably high on pollen
John Threlfall
John Threlfall snagged the "In The Air" prize for his photograph of four birds soaring across the sky - one appearing to leave a contrail in its wake.
Flying turtles
Troy Mayne won the "Under The Sea" category for this photo of a fish being slapped by a grumpy sea turtle’s fin.
Polar Bear
This little polar bear, spotted by Daisy Gilardini, is getting very good at hide-and-seek.
Like a cooked crab
Who knew a crab could raise its eyebrow?! Hats off to Arkaprava Ghosh for this photo.
Photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE founded the competition to raise awareness of conservation issues with a sense of humour.
Paul said: “It’s been a real success this year, the quality of images has improved substantially and we have had more entries than ever - and from more countries (86 in total).”
Dancing chameleon
Catch me! This dancing chameleon was snapped by Jasmine Vink.
Is there no privacy these days?! Bence Mate caught these two in flagrante.
These Easy Riders were spotted by Katy Laveck-Foster.
A mudskipper duet
A mudskipper duet, seen (and heard) by Daniel Trim.
Barb D'Arpino MOM
When your mates want a good chinwag but you're really not in the mood.
This pair of meerkats
Is that comfortable? This pair of meerkats, photographed by Adam Mitchell, have formed a curious bond.
What are you laughing at?!
David Semmens spotted this greedy rabbit.
Hilxia Szabo
This topsy-turvy puffin might have earned Hilxia Szabo the top prize.
A monkey with a guitar
This ape passes the time by playing air guitar. His favourite band is The Monkees. Sorry.
Good cooperation
The feathered fellow, captured by Katarina Denesova, knows no fear.
Curious critter
This curious critter is fascinated by the lens of Nadav Begim.
A sea elephant with a mouth open
These elephant seals think it's all very funny. Taken by Roie Galitz.
Look this bird eyes
This bird, spotted by Rio Claro, simply can't believe its eyes.
giraffe or a model plane?
Is that a very large giraffe or a model plane? Taken by Graeme Guy.
The penguin on the right
The penguin on the right just made a very unfunny joke. Taken by Peter Odeh.
Naughty fox
This naughty fox was spotted by Douglas Croft.
A ferocious lion
It's all proving too much for this lion, captured by Gill Merritt.
A startled walrus
Seals aren't easily shocked. But when they are...
Want to see more? Here are a few of the best entries from previous yearWant to see more? Here are a few of the best entries from previous years...
This perfectly timed picture of a hunting fox protruding amusingly from the snow was named the overall winner in 2016, earning its photographer, Angela Bohlke from the US, the top prize.
A angry buffalo
Other shortlisted entries last year included this angry buffalo, spotted by Tom Stables at Kenya’s Meru National Park.
A spirited lizard
And this elegant lizard, captured by Anup Deodhar.
Taste good?
This cute chipmunk, snapped by Barb d’Arpino at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, was another commended entry in 2016.
What are you looking at?
This conducting squirrel, photographed by Perdita Petzl, was also shortlisted.
This guy was arrested
The winner in 2015 was Julian Rad, who captured this fleet-footed rodent.
The Disguiser
Second and third place went to a pair of Britons: William Richardson, for his photo of an impeccably camouflaged stag in Richmond Park...
Is it fun to pull the nose
...and Oliver Dreike, for an image of a gorilla that swears it was just scratching its nose. Honest.
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